Reunion Country Club in Madison MS Swimming and tennis Golf

All ages, all stages: That’s the genius behind the extraordinary success of Reunion’s Golf and Country Club. Of course, we’ve become the club in the Madison region for many reasons—unparalleled facilities for a start: the fairest of the fairways, supreme order and accoutrements on our courts. However, it’s our championship of one simple but irrefutable concept that sets us apart. We believe that a club must truly serve its members, all of its members. And that’s where we excel.

Honing your game or just having fun—whether your foursome is fearsome or your top spin a terror, or you’re ready to play out your day (or night) in more relaxing style—Reunion is the number one destination. At Reunion, it’s about opportunity and options and outstanding instruction, the kind of instruction that keeps your own game in top form even as it turns your children into lifelong enthusiasts and champions. Reunion Golf and Country Club is the golden opportunity that will have your kids playing long into their golden years.

Play time, mealtime, “me time,” the Club accommodates in style. Meet friends and family in the inviting atmosphere of The Grille, or soak up the scores while you refresh yourself at The Bar @ The Grille. Another hot item: deep-tissue, just one of our massage services that include, Swedish and even express massage that will put you back in action in minutes. Whether it’s soothing relaxation or a sporting edge, Reunion is ready with the right service at the right moment.

At Reunion, we understand that it’s all about staying on top of your game, especially the game of life.